ECF Joins Partners in Urging UN Action on Wasting

In December 2019, the Eleanor Crook Foundation joined with leading partners to call for urgent action by the U.N. Secretary-General to address the global wasting emergency.

First, leading philanthropic donors funding wasting research and implementation of wasting treatment services, including ECF, sent a letter to Secretary-General Guterres calling for a reformed approach to the prevention and treatment of wasting by U.N. agencies. In addition, 45 leading technical, research, and programmatic experts, including ECF signatories, sent a letter calling on the U.N. Secretary-General to prioritize three urgent actions to address this urgent public health emergency which affects nearly 50 million children around the globe.  These letters follow the World Food Day Statement issued by leading humanitarian and nutrition organizations, released in October 2019, regarding the Global Action Plan on Wasting.

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