Having the Tools to End Malnutrition is not Enough

Complex policy, rigid institutional barriers, and economic limitations impact every aspect of global malnutrition.

The Eleanor Crook Foundation invests in thoughtful policy analysis to examine current systems and approaches and explore ways to improve them.

ECF’s policy portfolio explores questions such as:


How do global or national systems and policies need to change to respond to emerging malnutrition research findings?


As advocates make the case for greater global attention to the fight against global malnutrition, what reforms are required to ensure every dollar is spent to the greatest degree of impact?

We work with partners to explore policy questions big and small. We think it is critical to explore small but meaningful adaptations that could deliver a big impact. We support beyond-the-horizon thinking about the future of global health and a future free of the global scourge of malnutrition.

Highlights from ECF’s
Policy Portfolio

Policy Policy Field Exchange 60

The Eleanor Crook Foundation supported the Emergency Nutrition Network to produce and publish Field Exchange 60th Edition: A Special Edition on the Continuum of Care for Acute Malnutrition (Published July 2019). This Special Edition provides unique insights for assessing opportunities for reform and improved approaches to the treatment of acute malnutrition.

Policy ECF Announces $1m Commitment to GAP Roadmap Development

In April 2020, ECF issued a $1,000,000 grant to UNICEF to facilitate the development of the Global Action Plan on Child Wasting Roadmap. The GAP on Child Wasting provided a critical framework for making progress on this global health crisis, but ultimately, it will rely on an operational roadmap at the global and country-level to drive impact. UNICEF is working alongside WHO, WFP, FAO, and UNHCR to accelerate the review of global and national plans for child wasting.

Policy Reforming the UN’s Approach to Wasting Treatment

In coordination with Emergency Nutrition Network and 1,000 Days, ECF co-produced a series of infographics which documents a mother’s journey in caring for her child affected by wasting and the barriers to accessing treatment. It navigates through the UNICEF, World Food Programme, and WHO treatment services for varying levels of wasting severity and outlines actions needed urgently to fix the broken UN wasting treatment system.

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