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Investing in Solutions to Eradicate Malnutrition

The Eleanor Crook Foundation pursues strategic investments to advance our organization’s goals. We support partners who are bold, creative, and–like us–relentless in the fight against global malnutrition. As an active investor, we roll up our sleeves with our grantees through every step of the projects we fund. The ECF team manages the Foundation endowment in addition to Eleanor’s personal giving in pursuit of our objectives.

How We Approach
Our Investments


ECF IS focused exclusively on global malnutrition

We make investments in research, policy analysis, and advocacy and we are committed to ensuring these investments fill critical gaps and have the potential to be catalytic, scalable, and sustainable.


ECF IS an active investor

We pride ourselves on being accountable and informed. We take well-calculated risks, recognizing that changing the trajectory of global malnutrition will require bold action. We invest in programs that have tremendous potential and believe it is our responsibility as funders to actively engage with our grantees. We ask tough questions and hold partners - and ourselves - accountable for results. We also go beyond our malnutrition grants to play a key role as convener, problem-solver, resource, thought-partner, and advocate. We believe that if our value ends at the money we give, we are not doing our job.


ECF funding is BY invitation-only

However, if you have a transformative idea related to global malnutrition, please review our website to assess the alignment of your big idea with our areas of focus and expertise. If you think there is a match, we welcome the chance to hear how your research, policy analysis, or advocacy idea might catalyze progress.

As a team, we hold ourselves and our partners accountable, every day, for ensuring every dollar we invest yields exponential return for the families around the world who need it most.

The Eleanor Crook Foundation makes catalytic investments in research, policy analysis, and advocacy that can accelerate progress in the fight against global malnutrition.

Our Strategy

For Grantees

What We Invest In

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ECF’s research portfolio is focused on generating evidence to support the sustainable scaling of promising malnutrition interventions. Recognizing that the barriers to scale may be different in different contexts, our research investments are concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on East Africa.


Recognizing the complex policy and institutional barriers that impede global malnutrition, ECF invests in policy analysis to examine the systems that affect our areas of focus. ECF and partners explore opportunities for meaningful reform with the objective of adapting systems to better deliver positive nutrition outcomes.


ECF invests in creative advocacy to make the case for global malnutrition as a policy and a funding priority. We fund compelling communication campaigns, policymaker education efforts, and shoe-leather advocacy. We invest in diverse voices working to raise attention and increase action in two primary markets: the United States and the United Kingdom. Recognizing the critical role that multilateral organizations play in the fight against global malnutrition, we also support advocacy efforts focused on relevant United Nations agencies.

Some of Our Partners

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