Our approach to fighting global malnutrition

The 5th Annual Workshop of the Global CoP on Scaling Development Outcomes will be held virtually on October 19, 20, 23, 26, 28, and 30, 2020, featuring three panel sessions and discussion sessions hosted by each of the nine Working Groups.
In coordination with Emergency Nutrition Network and 1,000 Days, ECF co-produced a series of infographics which documents a mother’s journey in caring for her child affected by wasting and the barriers to accessing treatment.

IRC study shows new accessible wasting protocol to be effective

ECF-funded IRC study demonstrates that community health workers (CHWs) are a practical part of the solution.

ECF Supports ENN as Thought Leader on Nutrition Issues

After two years of partnership, ECF and ENN entered into a three-year strategic grant.

Insights on successfully designing for scale from scaling expert, Larry Cooley

Achieving scale and ensuring sustainability are two of the biggest challenges facing development projects. Larry Cooley, President Emeritus and Senior Advisor at Management Systems International, explains the "scaling by subtraction" approach and why it makes sense for development.

Scaling Series: What does it take to achieve scale and why hasn’t it happened yet in the nutrition sector?

Experts weigh in and evaluate how the sectors should work in coordination to save more lives.

ENN’s Field Exchange 60 Released: Special Focus on Continuum of Care for Acute Malnutrition

ENN released the 60th Edition of its Field Exchange which consisted of a series of field articles, editorials, evaluations, and research focused on the disjointed continuum of care for acute malnutrition.