Making Global Malnutrition Infamous

Currently, malnutrition causes nearly half of all child deaths worldwide, but funding to fight malnutrition accounts for less than one percent of Official Development Assistance. We’re committed to changing that by supporting robust, evidence-based, and creative advocacy to make the case for more investment and better policies on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable.

ECF primarily supports advocacy efforts in the United States and the United Kingdom, which are the two largest donors for global nutrition.

advocacy portfolio engagement tactics


Mobilizing Diverse Champions and Influential Voices


Creating & distributing compelling communications collateral


Deploying public awareness campaigns to inspire action

The advocacy we support is diverse, but one thing is clear: our partners share our outrage that malnutrition continues to rob millions of children of their futures each year.

Highlights from ECF’s
Advocacy Portfolio

ADVOCACY Coalition of U.S.-Based Advocacy Partners

ECF supports a coalition of U.S.-based advocacy partners, including faith based organizations, universities, implementing organizations, and others. Each partner brings unique expertise - some rely on extensive grassroots networks. Others organize events to engage policymakers and their constituents, all with the goal of increasing U.S. leadership on global malnutrition.

Advocacy Global Learning Trips

In recent years, our partners have brought policymakers and decision makers to Rwanda, Bangladesh, Malawi, and beyond to learn about the challenges and opportunities in the fight against global malnutrition. First hand exposure has the power to inspire lifelong commitment to the fight.

AdvocacyUK Advocacy

The UK government's role as the world's leading donor for global nutrition requires robust advocacy for global nutrition. ECF supports partners who make the case that investing in global nutrition is not only the right thing to do, but is also a smart pillar of the UK's foreign policy objectives and critical to maintaining influence and leadership on the world stage.

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