ECF Announces Collaboration with DFC Partner to Fight Global Malnutrition

The Public-Private Partnership will commit more than $100 million to improve nutrition in low- and middle-income countries.

ECF Team

The Eleanor Crook Foundation, in partnership with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), launched the Global Nutrition Financing Alliance to improve nutrition outcomes in low- and middle- income countries. 

The partnership will mobilize $100 million in private sector investment to address the effects of COVID-19 on malnutrition and food insecurity, tackle the root causes of malnutrition, and leverage private sector solutions to reduce malnutrition globally.

The State of Global Malnutrition in Children

  • Globally, more than 820 million people are estimated to be chronically undernourished
  • Malnutrition is the underlying cause of nearly half of all deaths among children under the age of 5
  • Malnutrition kills approximately 3.1 million children each year

Malnutrition’s Impact on Childhood Development

  • Malnutrition stunts brain development 
  • Children who are undernourished are likely to learn less at school and earn less as adults
  • On a country level, this translates to slow economic growth and perpetuates the cycle of poverty

Experts estimate 20 percent increase in global malnutrition over the next 12 months

This long-standing emergency has been exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, with experts estimating a 20 percent increase in global malnutrition over the next 12 months. With proven interventions to prevent and treat malnutrition, we can save lives and provide significant economic return.  

DFC partners with Eleanor Crook Foundation to save lives

The DFC will provide financing tools, such as direct loans, debt and equity financing, and targeted technical assistance. ECF will provide expertise in global malnutrition and a global network of partners, as well as technical assistance to support new investments. Together, the partnership will develop new investment pipelines. 

“We believe in the power of multi-stakeholder financing partnerships to accelerate healthy, prosperous futures for the world’s most vulnerable,” said William Moore, Chief Executive Officer of the Eleanor Crook Foundation. “We are thrilled to be working with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation to catalyze smart investments in nutritious food supply chains, food fortification, and healthcare — all with the goal of saving lives, and building stronger communities and economies.”

Learn More About How ECF Approaches Global Malnutrition 

Read More About the Partnership

Watch the Announcement Video

Hear from Adam Boehler, former CEO, U.S. International Development Corporation, ECF CEO William More, and Bonnie Glick, former Deputy Administrator, USAID, about the importance of this partnership. 


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