ECF Launches LifePack to Help End Childhood Malnutrition

This first-of-its-kind campaign engages the multi-billion dollar video game industry in the effort to help a million children at risk.

Today, The Eleanor Crook Foundation launched LifePack — a new initiative that aims to unite the video game industry to help end severe childhood malnutrition by raising money through in-game purchases. Every 25 cents raised through LifePack will provide one life-saving Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) packet to a child in need. Three packets a day for six to eight weeks can bring a child back from the brink of death.

Malnutrition is responsible for nearly half of all preventable child deaths under five, and the global health crisis has only exacerbated the issue, disrupting efforts to bring life-saving services and programs to children in need. ECF, together with with the social impact organization hive, aims to save 1 million malnourished children through the campaign.

"For millions of children around the world, malnutrition is not a game," ECF CEO William Moore shares. "Each year, malnutrition claims far too many lives and COVID-19 has made the situation even worse. The good news is that there are proven, scalable and cost-effective ways to help children in need — and now, everyone has the ability to join that effort, right from their own living rooms.”

William Moore, Eleanor Crook Foundation Tweet

LifePack has created a unique free-to-play game featured on the LifePack website. Inspired by retro arcade games, the game allows players to directly battle the enemy malnutrition in-game. To celebrate the launch, gamers will be able to “unlock” a day’s worth of RUTF every time they play with a goal of unlocking 40,000 packets in the first week. 

LifePack’s first gaming partner is Tilting Point’s SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off. Until July 9th, players of Krusty Cook-off can purchase in-game Gem packs with proceeds going directly to providing the life-saving treatment. “We’re proud to be the first partner to join LifePack,” said Samir Agili, Co-CEO and President of Tilting Point. “Child malnutrition is a huge global problem that the gaming industry is perfectly placed to tackle. We’re excited to bring this opportunity to our gamers and call on the broader industry to join us. With the power of gaming we can save 1 million kids, and this is just the beginning.”

All of the money raised through LifePack’s video game partners goes directly towards the purchase of life-saving RUTF. Action Against Hunger, a global non-profit with a longstanding commitment to fighting global malnutrition, will be the first implementing partner to distribute RUTF in communities in East Africa. “LifePack is an exciting way to get a new generation of changemakers involved in the global fight against hunger,” Dr. Charles E. Owubah, CEO of Action Against Hunger said. “We will be tracking the number of children we reach with this initiative and reporting back on the difference it makes. We are thrilled to have gamers by our side to help save more children’s lives.”

Donate via LifePack by downloading SpongeBob: Krusty Cookoff on Google Play, Nintendo Switch, and The Apple Store. 

To play the game and learn more about the malnutrition crisis and the LifePack initiative, please visit:


Image 1 – © UNICEF/Huwais


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